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Lightning Protection

Tower Lightning Protection

Lightning protection systems from ERICO® are designed to meet the current IEC®, NFPA® or a proprietary design method. ERICO offers innovative systems ideal for use with the three styles of tower design:

  • Tubular steel towers
  • Precast concrete towers
  • Lattice towers


Designed and manufactured to meet specific criteria for effective and reliable conduction, lightning conductors should have:
  • Low inductance per unit length and low surge impedance
  • Current-carrying capability to withstand, without degradation, the thermal and mechanical effects of lightning
  • Resistance to environmental effects and mechanical fatigue
Conductors offered include:
  • Aluminum, copper and stainless steel
  • Insulated and non-insulated
  • Solid and woven conductors in both flat and rounded configurations


Blade lightning protection connections may range from a CADWELD® welded connection to a mechanically bolted connection. Considerations include:
  • Lightning protection conductor material
  • Resistance to vibration and corrosion
  • Material impedance
  • National/international standard requirements
  • Costs and benefits


ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR is an effective alternative to using cables and lugs to help improve power density within the nacelle, tower and power hut. This innovative flexible insulated busbar offers space and weight savings of up to 70% (improving power density).

By eliminating the need for compression lugs, ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR improves the reliability of the power connection and reduces the number of power connections that are needed. It also extends power density to even greater levels within the nacelle, tower and power hut using made-to-order (MTO) ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR or MTO braids. MTO products from ERICO can be configured to your specifications, helping to reduce equipment and packaging sizes.

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